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A beckoning cat is a cat which brings good luck to the owner known as “Maneki-Neko”.
It is also known as one of the gifts for housewarming,
opening ceremony, promotions, anything about the celebration.

The cat has its right or left paw raised.
The cat has its right paw raised brings money.
The cat has its left paw raised brings customers.

So basically, the beckoning cat can be seen at the entrance of restaurants and stores.
We are looking forward to having an order to write down your original message to the beckoning cat.


  • An additional fee will be charged for original messages.
  • The number of letters will be changed depends on the size of beckoning cat.
  • Please note that all items are not available for shipping outside Japan.
    ※It is available for in-store pickup.

Please feel free to ask our staff about ordering a beckoning cat.